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What is Gamification in Business? Is It Helpful?

Gamification is a business tool that helps to create a strategy to bring improvement in business processes, designs, services, and activities for enhancing and increasing users’ engagement and involvement. The gamification is based on the elements used in game designing. Gamification involves the set of processes and activities that are required for solving problems. Through this business tool, organizations can achieve their goals. Even small businesses and organizations can use this tool to compete with large businesses. Procedure and Elements of Gamification: The gamification and its process are dependent on the following elements; quick feedback, collaboration, transparency, badges, goals, onboarding, leveling up, community, competition, and points. According to experts of dissertation writing services , the gamification process involves five steps Step 1: Knowing the Player: First of all the business needs to clearly understand the player, its background, and the environment for s