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Alternatives of Turnitin You Can Use To Check Plagiarism

Turnitin is a highly popular tool that has made life easy for millions of students all around the world. It has helped students by giving them a chance to check the uniqueness and originality of their content by offering to detect plagiarism in the content they have written. This tool is particularly helpful for them when they are assigned dissertations, thesis, and assignment writing tasks by teachers, and they do not know how to check every word of the content while checking manually is impossible. As told by a dissertation editing service , with the help of Turnitin, the students can easily run a plagiarism test of the submitted files, automatic grading, sources from where the text has been taken, and even compare multiple files, which makes things so easy for them. As students lead a busy academic life, they do not have the time or the energy to go through every line, check it manually, and then make corrections. Plagiarism is a big offense in academic and professional circles, an