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How To Write Thesis Statement?

Whether you are going to write a short piece of writing an essay or a long piece of writing a dissertation, to formulate the thesis statement is the most laborious business for the students. A thesis statement provides a summary of all the main points of a research paper. These main points should be such that for which you have enough examples, and evidence to prove true in the main body of the research paper. It is also an important thing to describe the purpose of a paper. Here, we will provide you some important tips to write a thesis statement. 1) Tips to craft a great thesis statement The most important tips to craft a great thesis statement are given below; A) You should try to craft the thesis statement with the help of a question. After finding the most suitable question, the next step is to find the answer to this question and this answer can be treated as a thesis statement for your research paper. B) You should try to keep in mind the type of paper before mak