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What Are Some Cool Psychological Hacks?

The success of psychological hacks varies depending upon the mindset. But this one hack may be equally valuable for all. There are many people who fail to recognise true friends in a social group. So if you are alone despite having a long social group, then this hack is for you. In a group conversation, when laughter breaks out, it is the best time to find out who likes you. Mostly, in this condition, each individual first glances at the person he likes the most. Hence, this little psychological hack is good for figuring out the people with deep affection for each other. Feet explicit the thinking of the People Feet are the best things for getting clues about the thoughts of a person. In psychology, the movement of feet during a conversation hints at that the comfortable level. A person who is frequently moving the phalanges reflects a lack of confidence. Suppose the direction of a person’s feet is towards you during the conversation. Then this means that he/she is listening to you ca