How To Interviewing People For Your Dissertation Research

To write a dissertation, we will have to conduct effective research. There are two possible types of conducting effective research. The first type is known as qualitative research and the second type is known as quantitative research. If you have selected quantitative research methodology to gather the data, then you will have to interview the people. For this reason, it is necessary for the students to prepare an interview guide. If you don’t know how to conduct an interview to gather the data for your dissertation, then you can get help from dissertation writing services. Some essential tips for interviewing people for your dissertation research are given below; 

1) Preparation for the interview
There involve many steps in preparation for the interview. First of all, you should ensure that the interviewee should be comfortable. Secondly, you should clearly understand the purpose of the interview. Thirdly, you should address all the terms of confidentially. Fourthly, you should format the interview. Fifthly, you should get an idea about the length of the interview.

2) Select the suitable type of the interview
There are many types of research interviews. In these types, there come informal or conversational interview, general guide for the interview, standardized or open-ended interview, and closed or fixed-response interview. You should try to select a suitable type of the interview according to the requirements of your dissertation.

3) Sequence the research questions
Before conducting a research interview, it is necessary for the students to prepare an interview guide. This interview guide should contain all the questions which are asked during the interviewing conducting process. In order to sequence the interview questions, the students should try to involve the respondents; the students should take an overview about the interview conducting facts, and try to sequence the questions on the basis of the importance of information.

4) Wording the questions
If you want to get the best answers by conducting a research interview, then you should ensure the best wording of the interview questions. For this reason, the students should ensure that the wording of the interview questions should be as open as possible, the questions of an interview should be as neutral as possible, there should be clear wording of these interview questions, and the students should be careful while asking the ‘Why’ questions.

5) Preparation for the interview conducting process
Before conducting an interview, the students should try to prepare themselves. For this reason, first of all, the students should keep a good tape recorder. Secondly, the students should ask one question at a time. Thirdly, while interviewing conducting process, the students should try to remain as neutral as possible. Fourthly, the students should try to encourage the responses of the interview questions. At last, the students should never lose control of the interview.

6) Immediately after interview
After conducting an interview, the students should try to listen to the tape recorder as soon as possible. The students should also try to revise the notes which are prepared during the interview conducting process. The students should also try to write down all the observations which are made during the interview conducting process.


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