How to get yourself into dissertation writing task after a break

Writing dissertation after a break is a very difficult task. It requires a lot of courage and motivation. Many people leave their degrees incomplete due to the fear of dissertation writing. One of the main reason is it requires excessive writing especially after a long break. However if a student follows the following instruction he or she might overcome the fear of writing a dissertation. These are stated below. 
1. Focus on Your Fruit
Motivation is very important for achieving success. If you want to complete your dissertation then instead of wasting energy on thinking about the hectic process of writing dissertation focus on the fruit you will have after completing it. Your vision should be the milestone you will achieve after the completion of the degree.

2. Consult Your Supervisor

After realizing your goal consult your supervisor. Ask him or her for basic guidelines about your work. Collect the basic data for your dissertation. Follow the instruction and start writing carefully. An important thing that needs due consideration is don’t rely on your supervisor completely because it is your task to write the dissertation. However it is important that you should schedule weekly meetings with your supervisor for his or her feedback.

3. Revise Your Introduction Chapter

Before writing your dissertation revise the introduction chapter. The introduction chapter consists of all the important information about your dissertation. It consists of your thesis statement and research questions. It will help you in reviewing your topic.

4. Divide Your Dissertation into Distinct Levels

In order to avoid any further break divide your dissertation into distinct levels. Most commonly there are three levels; namely;

· Brain storming and idea collection,

· Formatting and grammar correction, and

· The final level is proof reading.

5. Write Even if don’t Feel Like Writing

It happens very randomly that a person don’t want to write. Even the experienced writers also experience such a situation. But the important thing is that you must have a target in your mind which must be completed. That is why write when you don’t feel like writing. Because sometimes the ideas starts developing only when you start writing.

6. Avoid Following the Dissertation Chapter Order

There is no need to follow the dissertation chapter order. You should write by your own order. Write those chapters first that you find easier and interesting. It will help you in maintaining your interest in the writing. This strategy is helpful in completing your dissertation on time.

7. Write for Four Hours Daily

Write for at least four hours daily. It will help in reducing your work load. Time management is always considered as key to success. Set an agenda for yourself. Schedule your day activity for example, writing 500 words or drawing 2 figures etc. Try to complete your daily tasks. If failed due to some reason complete it another day.

8. Avoid Distraction While Writing

Avoid any distraction. Turn off mobile phone. Avoid visitors or watching TV or using any other social networking. All these things can divert your concentration which leads to lack of interest and wastage of time.


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