The Things You Must Keep In Mind While Referencing Your Dissertation

Referencing also means avoiding plagiarism. Thereby there is much that needs to be kept in mind by the student as he or she starts to reference the thesis. In all kinds of academic work, accurate referencing is very important. There is a need that the student needs to be aware of the way the references are included in the paper. 
Referencing is the process of acknowledgement of all the sources that are included in the dissertation. With the help of the references, the reader has the power to gain access to the main source document from which the information of the thesis has been taken.

One of the main facts in the case of the referencing includes citations or in text citations. The sources are identified as they are cited in this way. These maijn citations are added in the end list of references. However, here there is a need to know the difference between thebibliography and the list of references. All of the sources that have been cited in the text are the ones that are added in the list of references. It is not the same as a bibliography. The bibliography also includes the list of sources that have been used as a background source to gain information.

Now comes the point where the student needs to startreferencing in a correct manner. Some of the main information that is needed for the correct referencing includes author information, information source title, and date of publication, city and place of publication. In the case of the webpages and the online journals, it is important that the webpage address or the URL are noted and recorded.

It is to be mentioned that there are many advantages of accurate referencing. Referencing is the means to citing and referencing to the established authorities. These referencing is also one of the main source with the help of which more weight can be added to the document. Proper referencing shows that proper and more detailed research has been done by the researcher. In addition,this is one of the main sources with the help of which the students can get good marks.

Accuracy is needed in all cases in all kinds of writing. The level of accuracy can be checked when the reference or the source is double-checked. One of the main hallmarks of a more professional looking and a well-educated research is proper citation. The details should be perfect and the patterns related to discern need to be seen. The way that a bibliography is arranged also tells more about the skills of the writer. The more careful way of citation will also help the student in becoming a better research writer.


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