Brief guide in writing a thesis in English Literature

Once someone said that ‘writing begins with the act of reading’, so there are different views about this perspective of writing but some point everyone agrees that writing relates with reading. It is true for research writers and especially for a literature research writer.A research does not only read for the content but also for the patterns and ideas of research methodologies those can help him/her to manage his time and resources well. So in terms of writing an English literature thesis and a brief guide, here are a few does described in light of basic content sections of a thesis;

Does for Introduction

ü Choose specific topic or question from a broad area of study that you have chosen to conduct research on English literature.

ü Clarify the understanding of the derived question for the readers.

ü Define key terms those are going to be discussed throughout your writing.

ü Make an outline of approaches that you are going to adopt for the research.

· Does for the Main Body

ü Present key points clearly in all chapters of thesis including literature review, theoretical framework, methodology section, results and discussion.

ü Argument must be in a logical sequence

ü Key points must be systematically supported with strong evidences

ü Citation of the reference must be used even for indirect quotations

· Does of Conclusion

ü Bring all key points of research together to develop a conclusive statement with a clear link between all key elements

ü Link results of the study with research question.

ü Conclusion must be clearly stated means reader can easily understand what your study concludes.

· Does of All Writing Process

ü Read clearly for all sections of thesis

ü Make sure the correct use of language and grammar as you are discussing literature of a particular language so you must be good in it

ü Include a reference list of all cited sources.

ü Do not add too many extra word than word limit in your draft because it will lead to a problem at the time of editing

These are some basic points to consider while writing your thesis and further here are key content points of thesis for those students who are writing a thesis for the first time;

1. Title Page: It contains the research topic along with the name of researchers, supervisor, institute name and it has customized items that varies institute to instate on the basis of requirement of writing

2. Abstract: this is a short summary of whole research writing including each section stated in a few sentences.

3. Table of Contents: This is the list of chapters included in thesis

4. List of Figures: This is list of figures included in thesis

5. List of Tables: This is list of figures included in tables

6. Introduction: It is the introduction of research topic as well as the framework of all thesis process

7. Literature Review: Discussion of chosen topic in light of previous researches

8. Methods: Methodology of research

9. Results: Findings of research as results of data analysis

10. Discussion: Discussing the findings of current research with contrast to results of past researchers

11. Conclusion and Recommendations: here you present the conclusive statement that you identified after findings of study

12. References

13. Acknowledgment

14. Appendixes

Above are the key content points of any thesis in social sciences or arts so for sure a thesis of English literature also needs to include these sections.


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